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Tundra Fresians Hailey Robinson
Oscar Montero Mariah Hawes
George Prescott Kallie Friedman
Job Laser Natalie Friedman
Havanah Rosario Meghan Grahm
Poncho Show Marta Mazess
Max Sterling Kassandra NA
Tessa Thomas Walker - Bay
Tex Thomas Walker - Chestnut
Scandalous High Rise
Charlotte Bredahl Sebastian Glen & Annie
Taryn Huey Steve McDowell
Ellen Eckstein Alix Kendall Colt Maraka MacDonald
Dennis Callin D Douglas Lucitanos Beau
Horse Coin Jewelry Sierra & Hero Beau & Robyn
Ahmaysing Beau & Thomas
Other Animals Atlantiss Carrie Kimmell
Turkey Cabaret Nancy Dau
Oliver Kruidenier
Donatosha EC Cosby
Olivia Can Tango Leviticus
Gulliver Kristina
Marisa & Spencer Julia
Karen & Cezanne Kim Abajian

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